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Our church family is a group of believers that love God and love their world. We are all about helping you connect to God, connect to other people, and make our world a better place to live. We’d love to have you join us in this journey, so please keep reading for more info about our church.

We want to make our world a better place and believe that God’s love and guidance is the best place to start. We do more than just talk about it, though. We invest our time, money, and hearts in our community and world. And through it all, God changes us as well.

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Our Beliefs

  • God is bigger, better, and closer than we can imagine.
  • The Bible is God’s perfect guidebook for living.
  • Jesus is God showing Himself to us.
  • God’s Holy Spirit lives in and works through all believers.
  • God is doing everything possible to establish an intimate relationship with us – except force it on us.
  • Jesus is the only way to establish this relationship with God.
  • Grace is the only way we can have this relationship with God.
  • Faith is the only way to grow in our relationship with God.
  • Nothing in creation “just happened.” God made it all.
  • God allows evil to provide us with a choice. God can bring good out of evil events. God promises victory over evil to those who choose Him.
  • Heaven & Hell are real places. Death is a beginning, not an end.
  • God’s plan is for marriage to be between a man and woman.
  • The church should serve people like Jesus served people.
  • Jesus is coming again.

Our Distinct DNA

Why is it that we connect with one church, but not another, even though both churches share the same beliefs? It’s because every church has a unique personality. We call it their ‘Distinct DNA’. We connect with a church if the
church’s beliefs and Distinct DNA fit ours. That’s why we want to share our ‘Distinct DNA’ with you.

1.    We’re Grace Driven

We lean more toward grace and mercy than judgment. Your past, present, and future don’t disqualify you from being a part of our family.

2.    We Give More, Take Less

It’s really simple… we love serving others.

3.    We Care More About Unbelievers Than Ourselves

In church, there’s not enough time, money, or volunteers to meet everyone’s needs. So, we prioritize the needs of unbelievers and struggling Christians over the needs of more mature believers.

4.    Vulnerability Tops Excellence

At West Cobb Church, we take risks, leave our masks at the door, and drop the facade.  You’ll fit right in if you do the same.

5.    Less is More

Our schedule isn’t full of programs that you find in many older churches.  We accomplish more by doing less.

6.    Change is Good

Churches have a natural tendency to settle and harden. After all, even the first church in Jerusalem hardened with tradition and died.  That’s why we look for better ways to do what we do.

7.    Own Your Growth

We show you how to grow in your walk with God, but you must decide to make it happen. Growth with God is a slow, methodical and (sometimes) difficult process. We treasure walking beside you as you make this journey; however your relationship with God is ultimately your responsibility. You and God are the only ones that can make it happen.

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Ken Williams, Lead Pastor

Ken WilliamsKen is a distinguished Poet Laureate with degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. Well…not really! He does write the weekend worship service messages, but they aren’t exactly poetic. He also holds degrees from three colleges, but none of them are Ivy League. Ken spent most of his life in Florida and graduated with a music degree from Florida State University. (He claims that FSU is a devout Christian college, but we know better!) He then studied theology at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas and later earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. Don’t let the Ph.D. scare you, though. He has friends and family who keep his head out of the clouds.

Ken moved to Atlanta with his wife, Shawna, in February, 2001. He and Shawna have two teenagers, Jeffery and Cassidy. By the way…Ken has visited Harvard University. Maybe that counts for something! Email Ken.

Kenn Kington, Teaching Pastor

Kenn is one of the Teaching Pastors at our campus.  He’s actually a professional comedian (kennkington.com), but he finds time in his schedule to teach us, too.  It works out great for us.  Comedy Central, XM Radio, and The Punchline pay Kenn ‘big bucks’, so we only have to pay him ‘small bucks’.  Kenn’s wife Heather is also a long-time Cobb County native.  They have three children, two middle school boys, Graham and Cody, and a younger daughter, Kennedy Grace.

Kenn and Ken both share the teaching responsibilities at Covered Bridge Church and West Cobb Church.  They study together, teach the same series, and give the same basic lesson each Sunday.  Email Kenn.

 Kim Harris, Leadership Strategist

Kim is a treasured leader among our ministers, and to be honest, we have no idea how we ever survived without her. As Leadership Strategist, her major focus is to enlist, equip, and enable our volunteer leaders, who in turn, lead our church ministries.

Kim earned a master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served in the ministry at several local churches. Kim and her husband, Randy, have two children, Mason and Emily, who are in college now. Email Kim.

Wes Walker, Creative Arts Pastor

Wes WalkerWes began his life as a child prodigy, starring in musicals and dramas at an early age. He was even a Star Search finalist when he was sixteen. (Yes, it’s true!) We tried to post his Star Search debut on You Tube, but Wes says he lost the dvd. We do know that he sang a Barry Manilow song on the show. (Maybe that’s why he can’t seem to find it!)

Wes is a native of Cobb County and was a founding member of West Cobb Church. He also attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  Wes leads our Creative Arts Ministry and our worship teams on Sundays. (If you attend a worship service, he’s the energetic guy with the crazy hair.)  While Wes is extremely talented, his greatest attribute is his heart for God and people. He has been married to his wife, Jana, since 1995. They have three daughters, Michaela, Madison and Maleah, and sons Luken and Colton. Email Wes.

Gary Turner, Connections Pastor

Gary Gary is the Connection Pastor at West Cobb Church. Of all our pastors, he is the most natural shepherd on staff. Gary is the type of guy that everyone likes the moment they meet him. And if you think Gary is wonderful, you should meet Angela, his wife. She’s equally as special. Gary and Angela have three kids and have attended WCC for over ten years. Once on-board, they began leading an ABS Group. After many years of leading ABS, we asked Gary to join our pastoral staff. He now coordinates all the work with our ABS Groups, new believers, and men’s ministry.  Email Gary.

Nate Turner, Student Pastor

Nate serves as the Student Pastor of West Cobb Church.  That means he helps the student leaders of our campus and plans get-a-ways and camps for both campuses.

Nate grew up in Alpharetta, GA. Deep down Nate really wanted to be a cowboy in his younger years (we have the pictures to prove it!), but then decided to go to school instead and graduated from University of Georgia.  After college, Nate attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where he graduated with honors.  He has served on staff at churches in Dallas, TX and Fairhope, AL.  He has an amazing heart for students and wants to see them go deep in their walk with God. He and his wife Amy have been married since 2003 and have a sweet and energetic daughter named Emma. Email Nate.

Janette Crane, Kids ROCK Director

Janette is a wild and crazy lady with the patience of Job.  It’s a unique combination that makes her the perfect fit to direct Kids Rock, our children’s ministry.  Janette grew up in Oregon, so she loves the outdoors.  She also graduated with honors in management & marketing from Northwest Christian College; but it’s Janette’s down-to-earth love for God and contagious smile that make her so likable.  (I’m sure her three children have seen Janette in a bad mood, but we never have.)

Janette helps organize the children’s ministry at West Cobb and works closely with some key volunteers who handle the details of our campus’ Kids Rock. Email Janette

Lori Rockwell, Preschool Director

Lori is our Preschool Director at West Cobb.  Lori is one of the best preschool directors in the nation. Seriously. We don’t know why God blessed us with Lori, but we’re sure glad that He did! Lori directs our Wee Rock ministry on our West Cobb Campus. She’s full of joy, energy, love for children, and a passion to make their church the best it can be. Lori has the perfect balance of love, truth, and wisdom, giving her the ability to help guide our preschoolers, parents, and church in a Christ-centered direction. Lori and Ron, her husband, have two teenager daughters. And her daughters and husband are incredible gifts from God, too.  Email Lori.

Mindy Anderson, Administrator

Mindy is our administrative assistant at West Cobb.  If you need it organized, Mindy’s the person for you.  Mindy joined our church staff at the end of 2012 and we couldn’t be more pleased.  She’s responsible for keeping the West Cobb Campus staff organized.  And when the pastors are successful in what they do at WCC, you can be sure that Mindy had a part in it.  Mindy and Adam began attending WCC in 2010.  And even though she’s newer to the church, she’s already become an integral part of the team.  Email Mindy.



Leadership Team

West Cobb Church is also led by dozens of volunteer leaders.  The descriptions of these incredible people are too long to list here.  But we thought we’d give you a look at our Leadership Team.  The Team spends many hours each week, making sure your experience with WCC is the best it can be.  The same Leadership Team (LT) oversees our ‘sister’ church, Covered Bridge Church.

Mark Abrams

Mark is a partner with Smith & Howard, a leading CPA and financial advisor firm in Atlanta.  Mark and his wife, Becky, are both graduates of the University of Georgia.  Mark became a Follower of Jesus through the ministry of West Cobb Church many years ago.  He now serves as the Church Treasurer.  Mark and Becky have three elementary-aged boys.

 Robert Fields

Robert is a CPA and currently works as the Controller for Thomas Concrete.  Robert also leads a small group in our Men’s Ministry.  And while Robert is from Washington D.C., his wife, Nicole, is a southerner from Mobile, AL.  (She’s a rabid Saints fan, but don’t hold that against Robert.)   Robert and Nicole have three elementary-aged children.

Andy Smothers

Andy is a CPA with Deloitte in Atlanta.  Andy grew up in Macon, graduated from Georgia Tech, and is married to Suzie.  Andy also serves as the chairman of our Finance Ministry Team.  Andy and Suzie have three adorable daughters.(They get their looks from Suzie.)


John Skedgell

John is a Human Resources Vice-President for Georgia Pacific.  John is from Maine, but now bleeds Georgia Bulldog.  (We’ve got too many Bulldog fans around here, don’t you think?)  John is married to Misty, a Cobb County native.  John leads our Personnel Ministry Team when we can pull him away from UGA football.  He and Misty have three children, a high-school boy, middle-school girl, and elementary-aged boy.

Albert Jones

Albert is a long-time, well-loved, Marietta lawyer.  (You have to admit, there aren’t many lawyers that are ‘well-loved’.)   Albert serves as the church lawyer and is currently the oldest (and wisest) member of our Leadership Team.  Albert became a part of West Cobb Church in 2003 and now attends Covered Bridge Church.  Albert has an incredibly sweet wife, Martha.  They have three adult boys and are now enjoying the Empty Nest stage of life.

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Sunday @ 8:50 a.m.  – Unplugged Service – This service has less music than the other two services and has a much softer and acoustic feel. This service also offers Communion weekly.

Sunday @ 10:00 a.m. – Classic Service – This service typically has around 4 songs, with a contemporary, upbeat feel.

Sunday @11:15 a.m. - Supercharged Service – This service is very “rockin”, plays the most number of songs, and can get quite loud!


[/tab] [tab title=”DIRECTIONS”]West Cobb Church is located at:

1245 Villa Rica Rd
Marietta, GA 30064

Office 770.422.8822

Fax 678.763.8939


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[/tab] [tab title=”AFFILIATIONS”]We often describe West Cobb Church by saying we have a ‘community church feel.’  But we also benefit by partnering with several organizations that strengthen our church and maximize our mission resources.  We thought it would help you to know who we’re affiliated with:

Covered Bridge Church

Covered Bridge is a campus of  West Cobb Church located in Mableton, GA For information visit www.coveredbridgechurch.com

Southern Baptist Convention

Being an SBC church is great because each church makes its own decisions. There’s no hierarchy that dictates church doctrine and decisions. We benefit from this partnership because we join with thousands of other churches, supporting over 10,000 missionaries. We work with two SBC organizations, the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board, as they coordinate a worldwide missions movement.

Noonday Baptist Association

NBA is an amazing local organization that helps strengthen over one hundred churches in our area. They also start new churches in Cobb & Paulding counties, helping more people turn back to God through Jesus Christ.  Our church is just one example of how God has used NBA to start new churches.

Willow Creek Association

WCA resources and trains churches that use innovative approaches to impact their world.

Purpose Driven

Purpose Driven provides resources, training, and guidance to churches that want to be purposeful and focused in their mission.

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