Upcoming Events


Wednesdays :: Aug 16-Sept 13 :: 6:30-8:00pm

In FLIP Jr., kids (ages 3-Kindergarten) will love the fun games, activities and interactive Bible stories. Childcare for ages birth – two for parents in an on-campus group.

During FLIP, 1st-5th graders get to choose different ‘Grooves’ that will be super fun and incorporate biblical principals and lessons.

Grooves Include:

Warrior Training 
Find your groove in outdoor sports and group games. Learn how to be a warrior for Christ as you’re a warrior on the field!
Move and groove
Show off your groove as you dance the night away. Learn to worship the Lord through Dance!
Mission possible
Your groove, if you choose to except it, is a mission that is possible through Christ. Work on mission projects for our own community!
Construction zone
Put on your groovy hard hat to construct wood work. Learn Jesus’ trade as we learn to be like Jesus.
Let the groove lead your hand as you create a painted masterpiece! Learn how to be the master creator as you learn how God created you.
Crazy cooks
Feed your groove when you learn from crazy cooks! Man cannot live by bread alone but by… crazy snacks??? learn how to feed your soul with not only delicious snacks but from the bread of life!
Drum line
Groove to the drumbeat! Make a joyful noise to the Lord as you learn to play the drums!!!

Sunday Children’s Services

Wee Rock (Birth – Kindergarten) :: 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30am

WeeRock provides our children ages birth through Kindergarten a safe, fun, hands-on time to learn about the world from God’s perspective. We take the preschoolers’ world and combine it with Bible stories, Bible thoughts, and conversation so that they can relate God to what they are doing. Preschoolers may attend their small groups during both hours to allow parents to attend Worship and an ABS (adult bible study) Group. The WeeRock area is right off the main Lobby. We are looking forward to meeting you and your preschooler.

Kids Rock (1st – 5th Grade) :: 10:00 & 11:30am

1st – 5th Graders participate in a high-energy Worship Rally filled with music &  games and divide into Small Groups by grade for Bible study activities. Children can attend Kids Rock for both services so their parents can attend worship and volunteer or join a Small Group.

Weekday Programs

Sprouts – Weekday Preschool Program – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

West Cobb Church believes that the preschool years are very important ones in the life of your child.  That’s why we take this responsibility very seriously in our three-day a week preschool program.  For more information please click here to be taken to our Sprouts page.