Discover West Cobb

Discover WCC

Discover West Cobb is a fun, interactive way to find out about West Cobb Church!  You’ll meet other people just like yourself who have been attending West Cobb and want to find out more about the church.  There is great food, videos, and information presented in a casual, comfortable setting.  During our time together you’ll hear about the history of West Cobb, it’s mission, vision and values.  There will even be a time of question and answer available to you. We’ll have lunch and childcare provided.

Though it doesn’t need to be said (but we’ll say it anyway) there is no pressure on you to join WCC or make any type of commitment.  So come on and check us out at Discover West Cobb.

Register for our next Discover session on April 15 after the 11:30 service.